Jun 28, 2013

An Empty Train on the Kakogawa Line

My train back home bound for Yakujin. Looks like this one is running just for me.

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Jun 26, 2013

Kobe Municipal Fruit & Flower Park

Yesterday was a day off, so I went to Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets with my mom for shopping.
Before that, we stopped by Kobe Municipal Fruit & Flower Park to take some pictures.
The hydrangeas were full in bloom and they were so pretty!
Here are some photos I took and I hope you enjoy them!

Jun 22, 2013

Gift for Father's Day!

Last Sunday (16th June) was Father's day. Check out what I gave to my dad:

"Beer Hour" from Takara Tomy - A handy server for canned beer!

Jun 5, 2013

Rose Garden @ Suma Rikyu Park

I went to Suma rikyu Park 須磨離宮公園 the other day. I've been living quite near from here for almost 20 years, but I didn't even know there's such a huge and nice rose garden which is open to the public every year.

It was such a warm & sunny day, perfect weather for taking photos!

Jun 2, 2013

Kaga Onsen

Yes, It's officially June, which means the season I hate the most in a year is coming soon. 
Gloomy rainy season --> and then, hot& humid summer. Argh!

 I went to Kaga Onsen(加賀温泉) in Ishikawa Pref. with my parents on the 17th - 18th May. 
Here are some photos from the trip(I know there're too many photos but hope you enjoy them); 

The view of Lake Biwa from the Super Express "THUNDERBIRD" on the way to Kaga Onsen Sta.